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The Alleghany Highlands is a natural choice for large companies, small businesses, individuals and families. We’re pro-business and family friendly. Good schools are an advantage for families with children and companies that want well-educated employees. Low taxes benefit everyone.

Welcome to the Alleghany Highlands! Start your move right here. We have the information about taxes, schools, utilities, local resources and more.
This section is divided into two sections: one for businesses and one for families to help whether you’re looking for a new corporate address, or the perfect home.


Need to know more? We’re here to help!



Covington: The Life of an American Mill Town

America’s Industrial Revolution not only transformed existing cities but gave birth to them in previously rural areas. Mills—textile, food-refining, or otherwise—allowed towns to grow by leaps and bounds, sometimes more than doubling their populations in a decade or two. Industry is often thought of as the keystone of the mid-century economy in Rust Belt towns […]

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