The City of Covington Receives Formal Revitalization Plan for Olde Town

Written by: JLV Communications

Head Down Strategies Completes Planning Work for its Main Street District

The City of Covington has received the official Olde Town Revitalization Plan from partner Head Down Strategies. The Head Down Strategies Team worked over the past nine months to engage the public through interviews, a survey, and a community summit. The resulting plan identifies the state of Olde Town Covington today, the key components of a successful downtown, the public’s vision for a successful downtown, and a plan for realizing this vision.

“Our consultant team listened closely to what the people of Covington hold most dear about their community and their aspirations for Olde Town’s future,” said Covington City Manager Krystal Onaitis. “The plan offers a vision for Olde Town that is built upon this diverse public input and a pathway to realizing it. The revitalization plan is bold, but achievable and sustainable. On behalf of the City and Head Down Strategies, we thank the citizens of Covington for their time and willingness to assist us in creating this blueprint for our future. The City looks forward to seeing all of the great things in store for Olde Town!”

The plan will also provide a map to recovery for Olde Town which, like many other communities around the world, suffered significant negative impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The City would like to share the exciting developments and ideas presented by its consultants. Click the Revitalization Plan link above to learn more about Olde Town’s future.