Lollie’s Quilt Shop

We’re excited to spotlight another business owner and business in our community!

Get to know Jane Greenwood and learn more about her Clifton Forge business, Lollie’s Quilt Shop. We asked Jane a few questions, take a look at her responses below!

➡️ Tell us about Lollie’s Quilt Shop.

Lollie’s Quilt Shop is a booming shop that provides high quality products to our customers as well as classes. We have a variety of wonderful instructors who are opened to sharing their skills. Besides classes, fabric, notions, we also provide services like longarming, machine repairs, and scissor/knife sharpening. The sale of our BERNINA sewing machines have kept us growing. We are one busy shop.

➡️ What inspired you to open your shop, and how long have you been in business?

A number of things contributed to opening a quilt shop. The spirit of our local quilting community was a big part of choosing to bring the convenience of good fabric and notions to our area. Tender Hearts out on Rt. 42 closed and I missed that excitement she had there so I thought, “Why not bring that into Clifton Forge?” Having lived through the town’s struggles, I was seeing a spark hitting Clifton Forge. The downtown was growing and I wanted to be a part of that positive community.

➡️ What do you enjoy most about doing business in and supporting our Alleghany Highlands community?

Watching people enjoy the shop makes owning a business enjoyable. Looking at what we do have in this area reminds me of how blessed we are. Loyal customers taking classes and sharing their passion with each other. Travelers will stop and say what a charming town we have. It makes us feel proud to be a part of this area.

➡️ How long have you lived in Alleghany Highlands?

I have lived in Alleghany since childhood. I graduated from Clifton Forge High School, went to California and Roanoke for a very short times but the mountains and family kept pulling me back.

➡️ Do you have any favorite things to do, places to go or dine, etc. in the Alleghany Highlands?

We have it all right here. I find that the Clifton Forge School of the Arts can provide outlets that satisfy the creative side for any interest. The Alleghany Highlands Arts and Crafts Center vary up their feature artist so that is always a spot to explore. It’s calming and refreshing just to go sit at Virginia State Parks‘ Douthat and soak up the air, and I have attended a number of activities at the The Historic Masonic Theatre. It truly is the heart of the community. We also have good food locally. Working downtown during the day, we love to eat at the 42 Deli, Jack Mason’s Tavern, and of course pizza. But we often eat Chinese, Mexican, Family TreeTs Restaurant and Catering and Cucci’s Pizzeria on some evenings.

➡️ Is there anything else you would like to share?

Our success cannot be accredited to any one person but to many. The lady that cleans our shop also keeps our front windows tastefully decorated. Our knowledgeable instructors offer their skills to people interested. Our machine technicians research and are always stretching their skills. And you will find friendly ladies ready to help customers as the walk in the door. The loyal customers, the trash collectors, people who run the town, etc. all keep us running worry-free. Even past leaders can be attributed to our business. One never knows the impact of planting a seed in another’s heart. I remember hearing a group of men (Tom Dean, John Hillert…) awhile back having a meeting of the minds. They knew there was something in this area bigger than themselves. I believe they, along with many others , carved the way for us. We need to follow through and keep it moving in the right direction.

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Thank you, Jane, for all you do!