Casa de Leones Mexican Grill

It’s time for another business spotlight… We’re excited to feature Casa de Leones Mexican Grill!

We spoke to the owner, Leonel Fuentes, and asked him some questions about his restaurant, as well as doing business in the Alleghany Highlands. Take a look at his responses below!

✨ What inspired you to open Casa de Leones Mexican Grill?

I have always loved to invite friends to my house and enjoy sharing meals I make with love. For me, it isn’t just about the ingredients, it is more about the pleasure to serve those who have welcomed us into this community and befriended us. It fills our hearts to receive those in the community and seat them at our tables and ask them what they would like to eat today and help them pick or to point out what meal may make their day.

✨ What do you enjoy most about doing business in Covington and supporting our Alleghany Highlands community?

There are always two sides on the coin – there is the one that gives and the one that receives. There are offers and there are demands. As we produce a meal to be enjoyed, there will be an appreciative customer. As we give the opportunity for someone to work, in turn that person will be able to support his or her family.

✨ Does your restaurant have any special offerings this winter?

This winter season, we’re focusing on our hot soup specials for those cold days .

✨ Is there anything else you would like to share?

We wish the best to the community and everyone in the year ahead. We want to give a special thanks to the City officials and the Police Department for protecting our city, as well as our schools and all the other organizations in our community.

Be sure to stop into Casa de Leones in Covington for a wonderful meal!