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The Alleghany Highlands – and the entire Roanoke Region – enjoy a low cost of living, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research’s Cost of Living Survey. The survey measures the costs of 57 goods and services, including groceries, utilities, housing, transportation, clothing items, healthcare, etc.Low costs of living benefit both families and business.

First Quarter 2013
Newark 134.0
Chicago 114.8
Asheville 103.6
Cleveland 102.2
Richmond 102.1
National Average 100.0
Charleston, SC 99.5
Atlanta 96.6
Pittsburgh 95.6
Roanoke 90.5

Source: C2ER Cost of Living Survey

Electric Rates

Dominion Virginia Power serves the Alleghany Highlands and offers rates that are below the national average and below many other communities.

Cents per kW Hour
50,000 kW Demand/25,000,000 kWh per Month
New York City 20.0
Boston 13.5
Newark 11.7
Atlanta 8.7
National Average 8.5
Detroit 7.4
Raleigh 7.2
Cleveland 7.1
Alleghany Highlands 6.5
Roanoke 5.0

Source: Edison Electric Institute, for Summer 2011 rates


From mountain-top retreats to in-town fixer-uppers, the Alleghany Highlands housing stock offers a wide variety. Executives and first-time buyers, families and retirees can find the home of their dreams.

The current average of all homes on the market is $138,680 well below the national average home price of $221,200.

Foreclosure activity is very low in the Alleghany Highlands Labor Shed. According to, there were just 13 foreclosures in the region in January 2013, which is one per every 5,555 housing units. In comparison, there was foreclosure activity on one of every 1,658 housing units in Virginia.

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