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Companies in the Alleghany Highlands draw labor from the Virginia counties of Alleghany, Bath, Botetourt, Craig and Rockbridge; the Virginia cities of Covington and Lexington, and the West Virginia counties of Greenbrier and Monroe.

Layoffs and plant closings in the first decade of the century put skilled workers in the pool of available labor. A recent, independent workforce availability report (by The Pathfinders) estimated there are 8,700 underemployed workers who want to upgrade to a better job and possess the skills, education and experience to do so.

Current Unemployment

Labor Supply (10/13) 65,700
Unemployed (10/13) 3,848
Unemployment Rate (10/13) 5.8%
Underemployed 8,700
Annual High School Graduates 1,434
Annual College Graduates 2,680

Sources: Virginia Employment Commission and Workforce West Virginia


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DSLCC Offers Customized Training for Business

Professional workforce training staff partner with businesses to:
  •     Identify the needs that impact your business processes
  •     Develop solutions that fit your company’s needs and culture, and
  •     Deliver training or consulting services that provide a return on investment.
Advantages of Customized Training Include:
  •     Learn from subject matter experts bring experience and insight to your door
  •     Reduce the time and research it would take your organization to identify and design effective training                  programs.
  •     Quickly access training materials and licensed industry training products
  •     Delivered 24/7 to meet the dynamic needs of your scheduling demands
  •     Priced to meet your organizational budget
Custom Training Programs include (but are not limited to):
  •     Workplace Technology
  •     Leadership/Supervisory Training
  •     Business Writing and Communications
  •     Customer Service Skills
  •     Human Resource Management
  •     Spanish for the Workplace
  •     English as a Second Language
  •     Interpersonal and Organizational Skills
  •     Industrial and Technical Training Programs
  •     Productivity and Process Improvement
  •     Project Management
  •     Motivational Workshops
  •     Non-profit Academy
  •     Organizational Team Building and Accountability
  •     Succession Programs for Future Leaders
  •     Strategic Planning

Contact Gary Keener for assistance at  or (540) 958-1399.

For DSLCC’s Programs and Careers visit here.

Workforce training also is available at Jackson River Technical Center, jointly operated by the Alleghany County and Covington City school systems. It offers courses primarily for 10th through 12th grade students and allows them to earn credit toward graduation and receive a vocational certificate.

Course subjects include automotive technology, carpentry, computer system technology, culinary arts, early childhood education, electricity, marketing, nurses aide, health assistant and welding.

Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP), a discretionary program that provides funding to companies creating new jobs or experiencing technological change to reduce the human resource development costs for new companies, expanding companies, and companies retraining their employees.

Funding for each net new full-time job created or full-time employee retrained is based on a customized budget determined by an assessment of the company’s recruiting and training activities, as well as the project’s expected benefit to the Commonwealth, and is subject to approval by the Secretary of Commerce and Trade.

Funding is reimbursable 90 days after the trainee is hired (for new jobs programs) or after the retraining activity has occurred (for retraining programs).

In addition to direct funding to offset a company’s recruitment and training costs, Regional Talent Solutions Business Managers offer human resource consultative support at no charge.

All VJIP programs are limited to companies that create basic employment for the Commonwealth. These businesses or functions must directly or indirectly derive 51% or more of their revenue from out-of-state sources, as determined by VEDP. Qualifying industry sectors include:

  • Corporate HQs
  • Distribution Centers
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Shared Service Centers

The project’s average wage compared to the prevailing average wage of the locality, among other criteria, is considered when determining the VJIP grant amount.  Only full-time jobs paying at least 135% of the federal minimum wage and qualifying for benefits are eligible for funding.

While competition with another state or country is only a criteria for the VJIP New Jobs Program, the VJIP incentive is intended to induce decision making. Therefore, a VJIP incentive will not be approved for a project that has already been announced publicly.

At the discretion of VEDP, jobs may include teleworking positions, held by Virginia residents, who are employees of the recipient company or its affiliates.

Virginia New Jobs Program

This program supports expanding or newly locating Virginia companies that have more than 250 employees company-wide. To qualify for assistance under the Virginia New Jobs Program, a company must be:

  • Considering another state or country for the new location or expansion.
  • Creating at least 25 net new full-time jobs within 12 months from the date of the first hire.
  • Making a new capital investment of at least $1 million associated with the location or expansion.

Small Business New Jobs Program

This program supports expanding or newly locating Virginia companies that have 250 employees or fewer company-wide. To qualify for assistance, a company must be:

  • Creating at least five net new full-time jobs within 12 months from the date of the first hire.
  • Making a new capital investment of at least $100,000 associated with the start-up or expansion.

Workforce Retraining Programs

* The Workforce Retraining Program is currently suspended, however Virginia may have other programs to address your needs. Contact VEDP for more information

When the overall annual VJIP budget allows, the Workforce Retraining Program is used to support Virginia companies that are upgrading their existing workforce’s skills. Participating companies must demonstrate that they are undergoing integration of new technology into their production process, a change of product line in keeping with marketplace demands, or substantial change to their service delivery process that would require assimilation of new skills and technological capabilities by their existing labor force. Companies can access the Workforce Retraining Program only once in a three-year period. To be eligible for assistance under the Workforce Retraining Program, a company must be:

  • Retraining at least 10 full-time employees (for businesses with more than 250 employees company-wide) or five full-time employees (for businesses with 250 employees or fewer company-wide).
  • Making a new capital investment associated with the retraining project, within a 12-month period, of at least $500,000 (for businesses with more than 250 employees company-wide) or $50,000 (for businesses with 250 employees or fewer company-wide).

The Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD) has four Divisions including:

For more information contact the Virginia Department of Business Assistance, (804) 786-6585 or .



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