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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common questions regarding doing business in Virginia and the Alleghany Highlands.


What is a Registered Agent?

This is the person upon whom legal process or notice directed to the business entity can be served. The registered agent’s sole statutory duty is to forward to the business entity such process or notice. A business entity is deemed to have received legal process or notice when it is served on its registered agent. To qualify as the registered agent of a business entity, the registered agent must have a business office in Virginia. If the registered agent is an individual, the individual must be a resident of Virginia. The registered agent may also be a Virginia or foreign stock or non-stock corporation, limited liability partnership that is authorized to transact business in Virginia.

What is the purpose of identifying the city or county in which the registered office is located?

To facilitate service of process on the registered agent, the Code of Virginia requires disclosure of the jurisdiction in which the registered office is located. In Virginia, a city is a separate locality from the surrounding counties. However, some post office addresses may not accurately indicate the locality in which they are located. For example, a Richmond post office address may be physically located in the county of Henrico or Chesterfield. Also, some cities and counties have identical names, such as Fairfax and Franklin.

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