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The search for your new corporate home starts here. The Alleghany Highlands has the property you need to start or grow your business. From a unique underground former limestone mine to charming store fronts. From publicly owned business parks to well-maintained industrial buildings.

Welcome to our searchable database of available sites and buildings. Browse by property type or size. Once you’ve found the site or building that you’re looking for, contact our staff to arrange a visit. And you’ll discover why the Alleghany Highlands is a natural choice for your business.

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Halmode Industrial Bldg. 1005 Lexington Avenue, Covington, VA 24426 25,570 Sq. Ft. | Zoning: M-1
Kroger Industrial Bldg. 1107 Craig Avenue, Covington, VA 24426 27,412 Sq. Ft. | Zoning: C3
Parker Hannifin Industrial Bldg. 1705 Tannery Road, Iron Gate, VA, United States 165,000 Sq. Ft. | Zoning: M-1
Rail Over River Bldg. 1 Industrial Bldg. 901 W. Edgemont Drive, Covington, VA 24426 381,938 Sq. Ft. | Zoning: M-2
Rail Over River Bldg. 2 Industrial Bldg. 901 W. Edgemont Drive, Covington, VA 24426 82,000 Sq. Ft. | Zoning: M-2
Coca Cola Industrial Bldg. 606 S. Monroe Avenue, Covington, VA 24426 19,368 Sq. Ft. | Zoning: M-1
Former Alleghany Motors Industrial Bldg. 820 South Lexington Avenue, Covington, VA, USA 17,008 Sq. Ft.|C3
AET Slab Industrial Sites 901 W. Edgemont Avenue, Covington 10 Acres | Zoning: M-1 M-2
Alleghany Innovation Park Industrial Sites VA-42, I-64, Clifton Forge 140 Acres | Zoning: Agri
Alleghany Regional Commerce Ctr Industrial Sites Commerce Center at Winterberry Ave. 300 Acres | Zoning: M-1
Bowman Property Industrial Sites I-64, Exit 27 Douthat Rd, Clifton Forge 10.5 Acres | Zoning: B1
Chartwell Property Industrial Sites Main & Oak Hill, Clifton Forge 1.67 Acres | Zoning: C3
Clifton Forge Business Park Industrial Sites Main Street, Clifton Forge 20.5 Acres | Zoning: M-2
Clifton Forge Railyard North Industrial Sites Ridgewood Street, Clifton Forge 33.62 Acres | Zoning: M-2
Cliftongate Commerce Center 1 Industrial Sites Rt. 220, I-64 Exit 27, Clifton Forge 1.28 Acres | Zoning: B2
Cliftongate Commerce Center 2 Industrial Sites Rt. 220, I-64 Exit 27, Clifton Forge 11.16 Acres | Zoning: B2
Jamison Commerce Center Industrial Sites Thacker Avenue, Covington 2.6 Acres | Zoning: C3
Low Moor Mine Industrial Sites Rich Patch Road, Low Moor 38.715 Acres | Zoning: AR
Moody Property Industrial Sites 910 Valley Ridge Rd., Covington 0.59 Acres | Zoning: B1
Peters Mountain Industrial Sites 7216 Jingling Rock Rd., Covington 116 Acres | Zoning: Agri
Rail Over River Industrial Park Industrial Sites 901 W. Edgemont Ave., Covington 102 Acres | Zoning: M-2
Route 42 Industrial Sites Wood Hollow Road, Clifton Forge 106 Acres | Zoning: Agri
Valley Ridge East Industrial Sites Smokey Bear Lane, Covington 1.279 Acres | Zoning: M-1
Williams Property Industrial Sites Hot Springs Road 248.93 Acres | Zoning: UK
Karnes Creek Industrial Sites 200 Karnes Rd, Covington, VA 24426, United States 4.87 Acres | Zoning: B1
Dewey Perkins Property Industrial Sites South Durant Road, Covington, VA, United States 65.41 Acres | Zoning: R-1